Exploratory Session for Right Brain Entrepreneurs and Executives

Thanks for requesting your complimentary exploratory session specifically for right brain entrepreneurs and executives.

This session is a great way to begin to understand your brain function even more deeply and gain insights about what your best next steps are for your business and/or life. It’s great if you come prepared with some questions, but never fear, I have a series of questions that will help you access the information you need…and the chance that you’ll experience my style of coaching during the session is quite high.

Please complete the form below so that we can maximize the value of your time and mine. Your responses are very important to me and I will keep all responses confidential!

You’ll also receive a copy of your responses via email, so you’ll have them when we meet.

Once I’ve had a chance to review your answers I’ll be in touch about scheduling your session.

~ Coop

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