Business leaders are faced with the daunting task of transforming their businesses to compete in a totally new and emerging economy where change is the norm, chaos prevails and leadership must collaborate and share power and decisions. Loving Leaders cares for the mind, body and spirit of busy executives and helps create sustainable businesses that thrive based on the new quadruple bottom line: planet, purpose, people and profits.

We help businesses become sustainable and innovative using organizational purpose to find enduring market needs, the collaborative operating system to solve problems effectively, neuro-efficiency to harness gifts and talents and executive team coaching to get everyone at the top on the same page to grow and adapt.

About Coop

Michael O. “Coop” Cooper created Loving Leaders  because he was heart-broken by watching so many right-brain entrepreneurs and executives struggle to fit in the left-brain world of business. “We’re not supposed to fit in – our job is to stand out!” claims Cooper.

Since 1999, Cooper has worked with hundreds of right-brain entrepreneurs and executives to overcome the 4 Right-Brain Roadblocks to Success. 

Cooper is an executive coach and trainer who is adept at helping clients perceive challenges as opportunities and to then quickly translate newly found insights into energy and action. His ability to quickly identify client problems, not just the symptoms of problems, and to resolve complex interpersonal challenges has earned him the lasting gratitude of numerous businesses leaders. With an easy manner and a knack for humor, he is known as “Coop” to clients and friends alike.

Coop is an experienced shaman, energy healer, executive coach, shadow coach, corporate trainer, instructional designer and facilitator. He holds the distinction of being the first president of the International Association of Coaches; while president he worked on the team to develop the parameters for the very first global culturally sensitive coaching certification.

He has trained over 1,000 coaches through various training programs and personally mentored over 150 coaches. Prior to focusing solely on coaching, Coop served as a management consultant and strategist with Cambridge Technology Partners and Novell and over the years he has aided clients at such well-known businesses as Vodafone, Seagate, Honda, and Sony. He has over 20 years of management and consulting experience in over 15 countries. He is an advisor to one of the Top 50 Innovative Companies in America and has coached one of the Top 50 Designers in America for the past 12 years. Additionally, he was recently selected for the prestigious honor of coaching TED Fellows.

Coop holds an MBA from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University with a special emphasis in Information Systems and Global Strategic Management and a BA in history, technology education, and communications studies from Virginia Tech. He combines his education and business experiences to bring his clients the best in cognitive psychology, performance management, organizational and personal development, leadership, communications, and influence.

Coop is a frequent speaker on leadership issues, cultural shifts and behavioral change. He is a serial entrepreneur, having lead three successful companies and developed the MindMafia Method to access and change subconscious influences within a person’s psyche and the BrillianceQuest methodology combining neuro-compatibility and life purpose with internal alignment. He also leads the ExecuShift executive coaching service.

Coop has served on the board of directors for San Francisco Coaches and is active in his local community. He was recognized as an entrepreneur of the year by the City of San Francisco in 2006. He has a particular passion for business sustainability and is a strong supporter of those businesses that give back to their workers and communities.

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